original music


When the years of collaborating in the studios with our clients were considered, it dawned on us that we have always been in the conversation about creative sound on every project. More often than not, a challenge arises that requires a musical solution - or a project arrives to us undefined. And so, we've found ourselves providing more and more resources to agencies and a multitude of brands as a result, as a convenience, a necessity, a desire. 

Led by a team with experience and expertise in global music production, Sonic Union provides a curated and interactive roster of diverse artists, initiated by an exclusive association with composer and songwriter Oli Chang (The High Highs, Animal Feelings). Oli has toured internationally with The High Highs, Vampire Weekend, Empire of The Sun, and Sky Ferreira to name a few. Through this and other associations, Sonic Union has the ability to score original music across a range of styles.

Just reach out to Executive Creative Producer Halle Petro for a reel or to discuss further.