music Search and supervision

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Justin Morris

Music Supervisor

Whether you work for an ad agency, an editorial house, a brand or freelance, we’re here to help you with all points of your project; this includes music. Our music supervisor, Justin Morris, can help find the tracks you need to elevate your session. Even if you need a little inspiration, he can help with that too.

As an audio post house, we need to find the best music fast - that’s why we created SuperSonic. We’ve assembled the best production music libraries in one curated collection, making searches better and easier. You’re welcome to your own SuperSonic account, or you can let Justin do the heavy lifting.

And once you’ve found that perfect track, we’ll handle the paperwork. We issue synch licenses for all tracks in our curation and deal with the music company directly, letting you focus on the gazillion other things you need to do.