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Led by a team with experience slash expertise in global music production, Sonic Material will provide a changing roster of widely diverse artists, initiated by an exlcusive association with composer and songwriter Oli Chang (The High Highs, Animal Feelings). Along with a small curated and interactive database of artists, we now have the ability to score original music across a range of styles

Music + audio production are now married happily ever after allowing Sonic union to be your one-stop shop of any project in creative and conceptual, as well as all the post production stages you love us for. For a quote, please reach out to Halle Petro at

As an audio post house, we need to find the best tracks fast. Now we can share our unique system with you. SUPERSONIC is a collection that is continually honed for us and for you. SUPERSONIC offers over 600,000 stock tracks and we've assembled the best production music libraries together in one curated collection, making searches better and easier.

 If it's in your head, chances are we can find it. Or if you need a little inspiration, we can help with that too. Actual human experts will help you find the perfect track. If you ever need any assistance with a music search, or have a licensing question, please reach out to Justin Morris at